Wednesday, 24 November 2010

FREE Rapunzel Wig

This pretty wig comes to us from a campaign in Italy. It is adjustable.

If you are not from Italy you will need a manual proxy.

Use: port 80 (thanks browseinstardoll!), port 808, (thanks AnaaFTW!) port 8080 (thanks Houpisonfire!)

( personal tip: when the page starts to load (turns white) turn off the proxy, highlight the URL, and tap your 'enter' key.)

( Learn how to use a manual proxy HERE )

Then go here: and log in.

Watch the ENTIRE video, then leave the proxy and log into regular Stardoll.

It will be in a box in your suite.

A web proxy will not work since you actually have to watch the video to get the wig.


FREE Avril Forbidden Rose Dress

If you are not from the US you will need a web proxy. Try or

Put this into the URL bar and hit browse/go:

Log in. Leave the proxy and go to regular Stardoll.

It will be in a bag to the right of your closet